Greenline ( China ) Tomato Cages Factory

Greenline Tomato Cages
Metal Wire Cages for plants and vegetables, especially for tomatoes-


Greenline is the Chinese leading supplier of wire spiral planter, single plant support, tomato ladders and tomato cages and currently delivers tomato plant supports to some countries including the UK and the USA .

Established in 2005, Greenline provides our customers with a wide range of effective, functional and affordable tomato plant support products.

Reliable products enable Greenline to become regular suppliers of our most customers. We provide wire products for tomato growing out of choice annealed wire, hot dipped zinc coated wire or PVC coated iron wire in various sizes and specifications.

Today, Greenline continues to grow, innovate and invest in developing new cost-effective and functional tomato cage planters for customers. This strategy is supported by the latest technology and the development of its people.

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Tomato Support Products
Learn about Greenline Tomato Supports Made of Galvanized Wire, Annealed Wire or PVC Coated Wire:

Tomato Foldable Cages
Tomato Round Cages
Tomato Spirals
Tomato Ladders
Tomato Spiral Stakes
Tomato Twist & Tomato Trellis


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